How to transfer files between connected computers

Our software enables easy file transfer during screen sharing using standard copy-paste function, enhancing the support staff's efficiency.

Our screen sharing software is designed to provide an efficient solution for customer support and assistance. It empowers support staff to seamlessly transfer files between their computer and the customer's computer during a desktop sharing session.

To do this, the support staff can utilize the standard copy-paste function (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) within the remote desktop screen. This functionality is not only intuitive but reinforces the commitment to creating a user-friendly environment for both support agents and customers alike.

Whether it's sharing documents, images, or other essential files, our screen sharing tool offers a robust platform for collaborative work. If you're involved in providing or receiving customer support, the ease of transferring files with our software enhances the overall experience, saving time and ensuring the secure handling of data.

For transferring more substantial or numerous files, utilizing FTP (File Transfer Protocol) tools might be the best choice. Our screen sharing session provides efficient handling of standard files, but when dealing with larger volumes, FTP tools offer a more robust and secure solution. These tools are designed to handle large file transfers effortlessly, ensuring a quicker and more reliable exchange between the support staff and customer's computer. Whether it's large multimedia files, extensive document folders, or other sizable data, integrating FTP tools into your customer support workflow can greatly enhance the transfer efficiency and maintain the integrity of the files throughout the process.