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Our remote desktop application enables swift connections and streamlined screen sharing, aiding your support team in issue resolution. Designed for businesses prioritizing efficient customer support.

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Remote Desktop Application

Our service includes two distinct apps: one for clients and another for support teams. Clients can easily share their screen for fast help, enabling a seamless remote connection. Support team members gain a clear view of the client's screen through this remote connection. They can review past help sessions, see which colleagues have also assisted, and track the time spent on each issue. By offering separate apps, we ensure that both clients and support teams have the necessary tools to solve problems quickly and effectively, leveraging the power of remote connections.

Remote Desktop Application

Your support team side

To enable screen-based support solutions through our platform, support team members are encouraged to sign up, followed by downloading and setting up our intuitive software on their devices. This process is quick and straightforward, allowing for immediate engagement in interactive assistance with end-users.

Your customer side

To obtain screen-based remote support through our platform, users seeking assistance only need to download and initiate our application on their computer. The streamlined design allows use without the necessity for full installation, ensuring a quick and simple setup.

Who is Our Ideal Customer?

Our remote desktop solution is tailor-made for desktop application developers, businesses requiring a robust customer support system, and freelancers managing remote clients through desktop sharing sessions.

If you're part of a team or a solo freelancer providing real-time customer support, our software is designed for you. Our unique feature allows access to previous sessions on the same PC, enabling you to understand the issue context quickly through desktop sharing and save valuable time by not starting from scratch.

In addition to facilitating efficient problem-solving via desktop sharing, our remote desktop software provides insightful metrics for assessing performance. Whether you're a team manager looking to evaluate your customer support team's effectiveness or a freelancer keen on self-improvement, our software's reporting feature offers a clear overview of your efforts and areas to focus on.

So, if you're a desktop application developer, a business in need of an advanced customer support tool, or a freelancer aiming for better collaboration, improved customer service, and insightful performance metrics through desktop sharing, our remote desktop software is the tool you need.


Our remote desktop solution enables users to access and control another computer over the internet through desktop sharing. This allows the user to operate and control the computer as if they were sitting in front of it, providing an efficient method for customer support and remote assistance.

Supporter users can use our remote desktop software to connect to and operate multiple computers simultaneously. This desktop sharing feature enables customer support technicians to quickly switch between different computers, managing multiple devices at once.

Our remote desktop software allows users to transfer files between connected computers during desktop sharing sessions. This functionality can be used for sharing files between devices or for transferring files during remote customer support sessions.

Remote access software records all user activity during desktop sharing sessions, generating logs for work time and productivity analysis. This feature helps managers, employers, and freelancers track performance levels during customer support interactions.

User management in our remote desktop software defines access rights based on predefined user groups, streamlining the process of managing user rights for customer support roles.
  • Administrator: This group would have full access and control over the system, including the ability to add, modify or delete users.
  • Power User: This group would have access to advanced features and functionalities, such as generating reports, managing data exports, or customizing settings.
  • Regular User: This group would have standard access to the system, including basic functionality such as viewing data, inputting data, and managing their own account settings.

Our remote access software supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience for desktop sharing and customer support activities, including:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Romanian
  • Spanish

Our remote desktop application enables instant desktop sharing without complex installation, making it quick and easy for users to participate in remote customer support sessions.

The Historical Data Charts feature in our remote desktop application provides visual insights into past desktop sharing activities. This feature helps users track and analyze work patterns, user activity, and session duration for improved decision-making.

Our remote desktop application allows unlimited users at no extra cost, providing flexibility for businesses of all sizes. This feature supports scalable desktop sharing for customer support teams and freelancers alike.

Our remote desktop application promotes team collaboration by offering visibility into user activities on remote PCs. This feature enhances customer support coordination, handovers, and troubleshooting by providing valuable context during desktop sharing sessions, allowing teams to effectively collaborate and communicate over remote PCs.


  • Our remote desktop application employs the latest security technology protocols to encrypt all data and protect against unauthorized access, ensuring compatibility with the operating system it runs on. This guarantees that all communication between users is secure and confidential, effectively preventing sensitive data from being exposed to third parties.
  • For increased security, a unique and randomly generated password is used every time a connection is established. This extra layer of security helps to protect against unauthorized access, and ensures that only authorized users are able to connect to the remote desktop sharing session.
  • We take our customers' security very seriously, and as such, we never store sensitive data about their computers. All data is transferred in an encrypted format over our secure system, providing an extra layer of protection against potential security breaches.

Still Have Questions?

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