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Screen Sharing Application

Our screen sharing application has two separate applications - one for support staff and one for clients - because each side has different needs and goals. For clients, the goal is to share their screen and receive help quickly and easily. For support staff, the goal is to not only see the client's screen, but also to have access to previous events, involved colleagues, and the amount of time spent on the issue. By having separate applications, we can ensure that each side has access to the specific features and tools they need to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Screen Sharing Application

Your support team side

To provide remote support using our screen sharing application, support staff must first sign up, download and install our software on their computer. The installation process is simple and straightforward, and can be completed in just a few easy steps.

Screen Sharing Application

Your customer side

To receive remote support using our screen sharing application, the person who requires support simply needs to download and run our software on their computer. There is no need to install the software, making the process quick and easy.


Remote access software enables users to access and control another computer over the internet. This allows the user to view and interact with the remote computer's desktop, programs, and files, essentially allowing them to operate and control the computer as if they were sitting in front of it.

Supporter users can use remote access software to connect to and operate multiple computers simultaneously. This allows them to quickly and easily switch between different computers without having to physically move between them. It can be helpful for IT support technicians or other professionals who need to manage multiple devices at once.

Remote access software allows users to transfer files between connected computers, using standard keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, or by dragging and dropping files between the two desktops. This can be useful for sharing files between devices or for transferring files during remote technical support sessions.

Remote access software records all user activity and generates logs, which can be used for analyzing work time and productivity. This feature can be helpful for managers and employers who need to monitor employee work hours and productivity levels, or for freelancers who need to track billable hours for client projects.

The user management functionality allows you to define access rights for users based on predefined user groups, such as Administrator, Power User, and Regular User. Each user group has specific access permissions, ensuring that users only have access to the features and functionalities appropriate for their role. This simplifies the process of managing user access rights, without requiring you to create a custom access rights management system.
  • Administrator: This group would have full access and control over the system, including the ability to add, modify or delete users.
  • Power User: This group would have access to advanced features and functionalities, such as generating reports, managing data exports, or customizing settings.
  • Regular User: This group would have standard access to the system, including basic functionality such as viewing data, inputting data, and managing their own account settings.

Remote access software supports multiple languages, including:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Spanish.
Based on the language settings of the Windows operating system. This makes the software accessible to a wider range of users and allows them to operate the software in their preferred language.


  • Our screen sharing application employs state-of-the-art security protocols to encrypt all data and protect against unauthorized access. This ensures that all communication between users is secure and confidential, and that no sensitive data is exposed to third parties.
  • For increased security, a unique and randomly generated password is used every time a connection is established. This extra layer of security helps to protect against unauthorized access, and ensures that only authorized users are able to connect to the screen sharing session.
  • We take our customers' security very seriously, and as such, we never store sensitive data about their computers. All data is transferred in an encrypted format over our secure system, providing an extra layer of protection against potential security breaches.

Choose your plan

We believe in a simple and transparent pricing model at our company. With our pricing plan, you pay only 7 EUR per user per month, which includes unlimited user accounts. The only pricing factor to consider is the number of concurrent screen sharing sessions you use at the same time. This means you can create as many user accounts as you need, without any extra fees.