How does the remote screen sharing work?

How does the remote screen sharing work?

Our screen sharing application has been designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. When someone requires remote support, all they need to do is download and run our software on their computer. Our software is fully customized and optimized for ease of use, so there's no need for the user to be an IT expert. Plus, there's no installation required, which makes the process quick and stress-free. This means that users can receive the support they need without any confusion or frustration.

  1. Starting a screen sharing session

    To initiate a screen sharing session, the customer must download our native Windows application, which can be provided by the support representative. Once the screen sharing software is launched, it will display a unique nine-digit code that the customer should communicate to the support representative over the phone. This code is used by the support representative to establish a secure connection with the customer's computer screen, allowing them to remotely access and troubleshoot any issues. Upon successful connection, the screen sharing software will display the name and profile picture, if configured, of the support representative and their company, providing customers with additional reassurance and a professional touch.

  2. Ending a screen sharing session

    Both parties can end the screen sharing session at any time as needed. The customer can close the screen sharing application at any time to immediately terminate the session. The support representative cannot reconnect to the customer's screen unless the customer starts the screen sharing application again. Similarly, the support representative can close the connection and also has the ability to close the mirrored screen window on their end. This provides both parties with complete control over the session and ensures that the session ends smoothly and securely.