How does the remote screen viewer work?

How does the remote screen viewer work?

Our screen sharing application allows support teams to collaborate in real-time, providing instant assistance to customers remotely. The tool measures vital session metrics, such as duration and workload, optimizing team performance and customer experience. It's an efficient solution for teams aiming to elevate their service via smart remote support.

  1. Sign up

    Begin by registering for our service. There's no need to enter any payment information, as we offer a 30-day free trial for new users.

  2. Download and install

    Once you've registered, download and run the installer.

  3. Launch

    After the installation is complete, launch the application and click the 'User' menu. Enter your email and password, which you provided during registration.

  4. Provide a download link

    To start a screen sharing session with your customers, they will need to download the SupportHopperSharer.exe application. You can share the download link with your customers through your website, email, or by embedding it in your software menu. If you prefer, you can also host the SupportHopperSharer.exe file.

  5. Connect

    With your account now set up, you can begin connecting to your customer's screen by clicking the 'Home' menu. From there, you can initiate a screen sharing session and begin providing real-time assistance to your customers.