How to manage user access rights with predefined user groups

Our software provides predefined user groups: Administrator, Power User, and Regular User, with varying permissions. Manage access rights via our web portal.

To ensure that the right users have access to the appropriate features and functionalities, we have created predefined user groups with different levels of permissions. These include:

  • Administrator: This group has full access and control over the system, including the ability to add, modify, or delete users.
  • Power User: This group has access to advanced features and functionalities, such as generating reports, managing data exports, or customizing settings.
  • Regular User: This group has standard access to the system, including basic functionality such as viewing data, inputting data, and managing their own account settings.

To manage user access rights with predefined user groups, simply log in to the web-based user management portal under your prifile. From there, Administrator have the ability to assign users to different groups, ensuring that each user has access to the features and functionalities they need to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively.