How to download and install the application

Download SupportHopper Viewer for support staff and SupportHopper Sharer for clients. The Viewer requires installation, Sharer just needs to be run.

To download and install the SupportHopper application, first you'll need to access the download links for the two separate applications - one for support staff and one for clients.

For the support staff, you can download the SupportHopper Viewer installation file by clicking on this link:

After the download is complete, simply run the installation file and follow the instructions to install the application on your computer.

For the client side, you can download the SupportHopper Sharer application by clicking on this link:

Unlike the viewer installation, the client side does not require installation. The person who requires support simply needs to download and run the application on their computer.

That's all! Once both applications are installed and/or downloaded, you're ready to start using SupportHopper for remote desktop support and screen sharing.